Bodium Castle

26th January 2017
The term has been full of adventures for Cyan Class with their recent trip to Bodiam Castle being a highlight!
The children started the term with a super dressing up day (thank you parents for supplying!) During our day we discovered a message from a distressed Prince who was locked in a tower with his sister the Princess. We then found clues leading us all around the school which led us to dragon eggs. We have learnt that dragon eggs take a long time to hatch and we check them daily.  We decided that if we are to help free the Prince from the tower we need to learn all about castles and their defences. We have loved learning about them and what all the different parts of the castle are for - we have a particularly interest in the stinky moats!

We were delighted to discover that Bodiam Castle had a moat when we arrived, although we were rather relieved that it was not smelly - perhaps because it was frozen over!
Since our visit to Bodiam we have been finding out how to become knights - maybe then we will be able to convince the King to free the Prince and Princess from the tower.