Recent Events

2015 – 2016
We raised £1902.11 with the help and support of the staff, families and community of The Isle of Grain.
2016 - 2017
Term 1: We raised £175.40 from our movie night & cake Sale.
Term 2 : We raised £2055.77 from our Christmas Fair, Nativity Raffle & Cake Sale.
Term 3: We raised £351.11 from our Valentines Disco & Cake Sale.
Term 4:  We raised £98.07 from our Mothers' Day gift room, £170.30 from our Easter Egg Hunt and £70.71 from our end of term Cake Sale.
Term 5:  Our amazing music event raised £520 and along with our musicians very generous donation of £120!
Christmas Fair
This years Christmas Fair was opened at the village hall by the ringing of a bell by Santa. Crowds of children and adults who had been waiting in the snow where welcomed into the hall by ‘showin Grain’ singing Christmas songs. We were able to enjoy Mulled wine, mince pie and sausage rolls, whilst playing games.
We Raised a Whopping £1803.17!
Thank you to all the Volunteers, local businesses and members of our community whom made this possible!