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Sea Turtle

For Term 2 we will be continuing to look at prehistory by finishing the Stone Age and entering The Bronze and Iron ages. Our text for the term is Ug by Raymond Briggs.


The children in Sea Turtle Class have been working hard on their spellings and times tables and are progressing quickly. Some children have nearly whizzed their way through the Year 3 catch up tables and will be soon starting the Year 4 Olympic challenges so please don't be surprised if they suddenly come home with 2s, 5s and 10s again - this is a good thing! In terms of spellings I have set the children the challenge of being on Silver spellings by January and many are on track to do so. Well done Sea Turtles!


In PE we are looking at Hockey as our focus, we also have the sports club after school this term which is exciting for Year 4.


Reading is now being completed daily in class which is fantastic. If children want to continue reading at home, this will still benefit them and should be encouraged. I am happy for them to do an accelerated quiz on books read at home if they would like to.


We have an exciting DT project coming up at the end of term to finish our learning on the Iron Age.

Our attempts at re-creating Stonehenge

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