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St James'

Church of England Primary Academy

We Grow Together Through God







Equality Objectives

We welcome our general duty under the Equality Act 2010 to have due regard to the need to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by the Act.
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it.
  • Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it.


We also welcome our specific duties to publish information about our school population, to explain how we have due regard for equality and to publish equality objectives, which show how we plan to tackle particular inequalities or disadvantages.

Meeting our duties to promote community cohesion and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, also supports how we meet the needs of different groups of pupils and how we foster good relations.


St. James’ Safeguarding Procedure takes full account of the new duties under the 2010 Equality Act.  We make reasonable, appropriate and flexible adjustment for children with a disability and we recognise that children with special educational needs and disabilities can face additional safeguarding challenges and that additional barriers can exist when recognising abuse and neglect in this group of children.


We ensure the performance of vulnerable groups in the school are closely monitored.

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We Grow Together

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