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School Logo

St James'

Church of England Primary Academy

We Grow Together Through God







Our Vision and Values


As a Church of England School, we are distinctively Christian in our ethos and outlook and are inclusive to all.  


We are a small rural Christian community who are encouraging our young people to be ambitious and to grow into lifelong learners.  The parable of the mustard seed encapsulates our vision at St. James’, inspiring us to believe that although we begin our journey as small as the mustard seed, we have the potential to grow both as people, learners and as a community.  God has blessed our growth, giving us the courage to challenge, learn and succeed. 


We are building St. James’ on the values of  Perseverance, Courage, Hope, Trust, Respect and Self-Control.  We believe that all children can achieve their full potential when they feel happy, nurtured and they have the opportunity to grow from a secure foundation of Christian values.


It is our vision that children leave our school with rich learning experiences and skills for life, we want our children to challenge, learn from themselves and others, developing their own spirituality, as they strive to achieve their very best in all they do.  


Our aim is to inspire each child to think and feel positively about themselves and others, enabling them to have an education with a compassionate understanding of life and learning.  


As a Church of England School, we seize every opportunity to fulfil this vision by:


  • Providing a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere that builds a community.
  • Nurturing a positive approach and developing a growth mind-set.
  • Embedding a strong sense of faith and spiritual growth through our Core Christian Values.
  • Building a rich, stimulating learning environment that enables all to grow through exploration and challenge.
  • Valuing and celebrating all at St. James' as individuals, developing independence and understanding of what we all bring to the world.
  • Promoting high expectations for all without fear of failure.
  • Nurturing a love for learning and life in all its fullness through a full and enriching curriculum.
  • Holding children at the centre of all learning.
  • Developing care and wisdom in our awareness of local and global issues and the impact upon our lives.

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We Grow Together

Through God