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Welcome back to your second term in Year 3. We are continuing with our 'Tribal Tales' topic and are reading Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age by Raymond Briggs. We have started to learn about 'Skara Brae' a Stone Age settlement discovered many years ago on Orkney.


We are continuing with our weekly spelling tests. We read each day in class and complete the quiz once we have read the book. Please also try to read at home, it really does help your progress and it's fun!


In maths we have started to look at problem solving using addition and subtraction, we will shortly be moving onto multiplication and division. We still have our times tables tests on a Thursday, so please continue to learn this life skill at home.


In art, we have created our own charcoal drawings of Stonehenge. We have also painted some wonderful sunsets and mounted our black silhouettes of Stonehenge on top. They really look great.


Towards the end of the term, along with Sea Turtle class we will be planning an exciting DT project. All will be revealed very soon! 


Keep up all the great learning 'Team Starfish' and enjoy your second term in Key Stage 2.

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We Grow Together

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