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It has been great to finally return to school and get to meet each other properly. The children have all settled into class wonderfully and are working hard with their learning. During the first week back, we celebrated World Book Day, which actually took place during the last week of home learning. As a school, we focussed on the book ‘Bee and Me’, which is a book without words.

The children completed a number of activities around this, including making their own bees and completing a shared piece of writing based around whether bees can fly in the rain.

The children also celebrated Science Week and investigated which material would work best to fix the hole in Henry’s bucket and designed their own Robo Bugs, which were fantastic! We definitely have some budding Scientists in the class!

During the second half of Term 4, our class topic is Rainforests.  The children will be locating where rainforests are, looking at different parts of the rainforest and discovering what animals live there.

Alongside this, we will be looking at the artist Tim Jeffs during our Art learning and will be drawing rainforest animals and working hard to add detail to these.

Our English work will be linked to our topic and the children will have the opportunity to read ‘The Great Kapok Tree’, which will form the basis of our work – writing a description of the rainforest and producing a persuasive letter about saving the rainforest.  To support children with this, during our Grammar sessions, we will be looking at fronted adverbials, similes, metaphors and personification, all of which will encourage children to add detail to their writing in different ways.

In Maths, we will be focussing on fractions, building upon their fluency as well as developing their problem solving skills and reasoning.

During RE, we will be focussing on Salvation, looking carefully at the Easter story and in particular, think about why Christians refer to the day Jesus died as ‘Good’ Friday.

Finally, children will have PE on a Thursday as well as Music, where they will continue to learn the ocarina.

We have an enjoyable term ahead and look forward to sharing all of the children’s achievements and work with you.

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