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TERM 5 and TERM 6

We hope you had a fabulous Easter and enjoyed all the good weather that we had.  We also hope that the Easter Bunny paid a visit! 

The children were very excited to walk in on day one to find out that we were going to be studying the Ancient Egyptians in Terms 5 and 6.  A few of the children believe that they know some exciting facts to do with mummification (something about brains and a hook) so were over the moon to find out that we would be exploring this!

In English, we will be studying a spy book by Elizabeth Singer Hunt: 'The Mission to Find Max' and will be reading The Egyptian Cinderella in our Reading lessons.  Both books will help us to learn lots more about the Ancient Egyptian times.

Our Art and DT work will be linked to our topic and we hope to draw a self-portrait in the style of a Pharaoh and maybe even design a vehicle that could travel through an Egyptian desert!  

We are having a further push on our times tables - we have improved so much since September but as we move on through Year 4 we must ensure that we know all of our times table facts.

In our other Maths lessons, we are exploring the world of decimals and moving onto money, shape and graphs by the end of Term 6.  Finally, we will be looking at time, so get practising with those clocks and watches! 
Our Science topic is all about States of Matter - solids, liquids and gases.  We hope to explore this topic through our investigative work in order to learn as many facts as we can about these three states and how they can change.  Can a solid ever become a gas?  

In PE we will be starting a scheme of work on athletics each Thursday and in our indoor PE sessions will be working on our fitness, including Mrs West's!   As we head on toward the final term, we will be practising our racket and bat skills in tennis, cricket and rounders.  Will anyone show us the potential to be the next Andy Murray or Joe Roots?
Home Learning continues to be sent home each Friday and there is an expectation that every child reads each night at home and practices their times tables.  Websites like

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