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TERM 5 and TERM 6

Welcome back to a new term, which will prove to be a very busy and short term for Orca Class.

We have started our new topic called Deep Down Under which will allow us to learn about explorers that used to discover new and exciting places, one of these intrepid explorers being the famous Christopher Columbus!

We enjoyed investigating the different objects an explorer might use, like a telescope (to find their final destination) a compass (to check their direction) and a star chart, where the sailors and fishermen use stars to help them find where they are and which way they need to go.

Our text this term will focus mainly on the wonderful book Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and we hope to use her narrative as a basis to start our own. This will link wonderfully to our topic learning, as we will need to send our own characters of a journey to far off lands. We will spend some of our topic time researching these places to ensure we can use the appropriate adjectives when it comes to describing them. We hope to finish our writing this term with a non-chronological report linking back again to our topic and our previous research.

In Science, we will investigate plants further and even have a go at some exciting experiments to see how different plants survive in different conditions. We hope to use some of our Science time to continue with the wildlife garden we started at the end of last year and investigate how our plants and mini-beast hotels are doing and if they have been successful.

In Art, we are going to be making 3D artwork depicting an underwater scene and any shoeboxes you have lying around the house would be very useful.


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