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Welcome back to the new school year! It was fabulous to see all the children again after the summer break and listen to all the wonderful things they did while we were off.

In Orca Class this term, our topic is called Whizz Pop Bang!  The children were surprised by the adults at the start of the term when they arrived dressed in long white lab coats and goggles - they were eager to find out who they were! Year 2 thought Mrs Stewart looked like a scientist who carried out many exciting experiments.

This has linked with our topic learning this term, which will be about the scientist Patricia Bath who invented a way to cure cataracts and stop people going blind through this condition and many other curable eye conditions. We will research how medicine has changed over time and what we think life would be like without medicine.

Our text for this term in George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and we have really enjoyed acting out the text map in our team point groups and showing off our fantastic reading and acting skills to the other adults around the school. We have started to invent our own medicine, just as George did in the book - we will even use our knowledge of volume and capacity to measure and weigh out the ingredients we need. However, Mrs Stewart thinks it best not to taste test them!

In Art, we are going to explore the artist Jackson Pollock and have discussed what we like and dislike about his paintings and we are looking forward to using his technique to create our own paintings in his style at the end of the term.

Maths this term will be about number and place value and exploring numbers up to 100.  The children will delve deeper into number and will explore the value of digits and finding different ways of making a given number. As the term progresses, we will use our place value knowledge to help us solve addition and subtraction calculations.

In Science, we will be investigating plants and will carry out experiments growing plants to see what it needs to be successful.

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