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TERM 5 and TERM 6

We arrived back to class to a giant beanstalk growing in our classroom.  We started to think about why it is there and how does it grow?  This led into lots of discussions around how plants and different things grow and we even found some pea plants growing in our digging pit which we explored looking at the roots.

We discovered that they all have different roots - some of the plants had one thick root and others had lots of thin, long roots. We have brought some of them into the classroom and placed them in jars so that we can watch them grow and see how their roots change. We have also planted some potatoes in our deeper plant beds and will continue to look after the trees we planted at the end of last term. 

In our English, we are beginning this term by exploring the story Jim and the Beanstalk and the children are enjoying finding out how it is different from the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk.

We are going to be looking at how many different things in the setting grow and change over time - we have already realised that many of our plants and trees have a lot more leaves since we came back. I wonder what other changes we find over the coming weeks?




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