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TERM 1 and TERM 2

Welcome to Seahorse Class. The children have had a very busy few days already settling into being in school full-time. They have jumped straight in with forming friendships with each other and getting to know the staff in the classroom. We have started to explore our topic for this term ‘Who Am I?’ by drawing self-portraits, talking about our favourite things such as our favourite pets, our favourite colours and our favourite stories. As the term progresses we will continue this to find out about who our families are and what makes each of us special and unique.

We are focusing on our speaking and listening skills, being able to take turns with others in conversation and making sure we listen to other people as well as sharing our own ideas. We will also be sharing lots of stories and rhymes to help develop these listening skills and prepare us well for our journey into using phonics to help us learn to read. We will be developing our mark making skills as we learn the lower-case letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make in words, as well as writing our names using a capital letter to start and lower-case letters to finish e.g. Tom.

We will be taking part in lots of physical development to help us to move safely and with control in a variety of ways through our outdoor provision and PE lessons - we will also be using various tools to help develop our fine motor skills.

In our Maths we will be using stories and rhymes to help as we look at patterns within number, colour and shape to find out about Maths in the world around us. We will be focussing on the vocabulary of mathematics to help us to be able to make comparisons.

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