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TERM 1 and TERM 2

This term’s topic is ‘Whizz, Pop, Bang!’  For our hook day we made bread following a recipe which is linked to our learning this time. We also had a very interesting mystery visitor who dropped things in our classroom. We made some predictions about who we think it is but have been left guessing who it could be? We are so excited to find out!

For Science we will explore the topic animals including humans. We will learn about the body and begin to group different animals based on their characteristics.  We will be looking at our small world figures to discover the similarities and differences between the different animal groups. I wonder if we can work out what animal group we are?

Miss Sanders is very excited about our Art topic this term where we will be looking at the work of Jackson Pollock. We will think about the techniques that Jackson Pollock used and create our very own Jackson Pollock inspired artwork!

For Topic, we will begin to think about London and its history. The children will have the opportunity to learn about a significant past event that changed London forever! What could this be and how is it linked to our hook day?

Maths in Term 1 starts with place value. We will be looking at numbers up to 10, how they are made up and begin to represent these number using manipulatives. When we are confident with representing and writing these numbers, we will move on to simple addition and subtraction within 10.

English is very exciting this term also. We will look at a range of texts that will help us to create our very own descriptive piece towards the end of term. At the beginning of Term 1 we will be looking at vocabulary and sentence structure, as well as creating our own set of instructions for making delicious bread rolls.

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