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TERM 5 and TERM 6

A busy final two terms lie in store for Year 6!

Over the next three weeks in preparation for our assessments, we will be doing lots of revision-based tasks for our Maths and English - we have learned everything we need to know and now we are spending time consolidating and the children will have the time to address anything they wish to go over again.

Alongside this we have also started our new topic of World War where we will be exploring both WW1 and WW2. We started this with an interactive session in the hall where we used mats to create a world map and acted as the countries ourselves in order to grasp the alliances between countries - it was confusing but lots of fun!

Our topic of World War will continue until the end of the year and the children will have lots of opportunities to explore this era and will be doing a lot of writing about it - this is a great time to get involved if you have relatives that were involved with the war, it would be great to hear your stories!

Now that the Maths curriculum has been taught, we will be moving onto Maths-based projects where the children can use and apply their skills to real-life based situations - this is great preparation for life after primary school and how Maths is used in the wider world.

For English we will be sticking with the WW2 theme in reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom' and 'Rose Blanche' and will be writing monologues, narratives and diaries as evacuees.

Obviously for Year 6 the end of their primary school days is quickly approaching; we will be celebrating with an end of year productions and have lots of activities planned to enjoy our final weeks together. More news on these activities will unfold in the weeks coming.


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